Celebrating Tire Safety Month:

Essential Tips for Industrial and Commercial Tires

June marks National Tire Safety Month, an important observance spearheaded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that reminds us of the critical role tire maintenance plays in ensuring safety on the road. As summer travel peaks, it’s crucial for everyone, especially commercial and industrial vehicle operators, to ensure their tires are in top condition. Here’s how focusing on tire safety can save money, enhance vehicle performance, and protect lives.

Border Tire | Industrial and OTR Tires Safety Tips

Monthly Maintenance Inspections

Conducting regular maintenance checks is pivotal for prolonging the lifespan of tires and enhancing road safety. Key aspects to focus on include:

  • Proper Tire Inflation: Check tire pressure at least once a month when the tires are cold. Proper inflation is crucial as it directly impacts vehicle safety, tire longevity, and fuel efficiency.
  • Tread Wear: Use the built-in treadwear indicators on your tires to assess tread depth. If the tread is flush with the indicators, it’s time for a replacement to ensure adequate traction and safety.
  • Tire Damage: Regularly inspect tires for any signs of damage, such as cuts, punctures, or bulges. Early detection can prevent further tire damage and possible road accidents.
Border Tire | Industrial and OTR Tires Safety Tips

Tire Rotation, Balancing, and Alignment


  • Tire Rotation: Helps even out tire wear by changing the position of your tires according to your vehicle’s manual. This not only extends the life of the tires but also helps maintain optimal fuel efficiency. Rotate your tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Balancing and Alignment: Always have new tires balanced upon installation. Proper balancing minimizes wheel vibration and enhances driver safety. Additionally, ensure your vehicle’s wheels are aligned according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This prevents irregular tire wear and improves handling.
Border Tire | Industrial and OTR Tires Safety Tips
Border Tire | Commercial Tires & Service Centers

Choosing the Right Tires

It’s essential to select the correct tire size and type for your vehicle to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Always replace old tires with the same size as the originals or another approved size as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. This information can typically be found in your owner’s manual or on the tire and loading Information label on the driver’s side door edge.

Border Tire | Commercial Tires & Service Centers

Staying Informed and Safe

Stay updated on potential tire recalls and safety notices through the NHTSA’s website. If you suspect a problem with your tires, do not hesitate to file a safety complaint to prevent potential hazards.

By adhering to these tire safety guidelines, companies and drivers of commercial and industrial vehicles can ensure they not only comply with safety standards but also contribute to safer, more efficient travel across roads and highways. Remember, effective tire maintenance not only protects your vehicle and cargo but is also a crucial step in safeguarding the lives of drivers and passengers alike.

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